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Our company can supply various types of fishplates and insulated fishplates of national standard, Japan, South Korea, American standard, British standard, etc., and can be produced and processed according to customer drawings.

National standard9KG、15KG、22KG、30KG、38KG、43KG、50KG、60KG、QU70、QU80、QU100、QU120
American StandardASCE30、ASCE40、ASCE60、ASCE85、90RA
British standardBS50O、BS60A、BS75A、BS75R、BS80A、BS80R、BS90A、BS100A、BS113A
Japanese and Korean standardsJIS15KG、JIS22KG、JIS30KG、37A、50N、CR73、CR100
UIC standardUIC50、UIC54、UIC60